20 Month Postop ACL Reconstructed Knee
This is not a horror flick !  This is my legs/knees that hold up a 51 year old body. This is as good as it gets !
Okay experts -- So which knee had the ACL reconstruction ?
If you guessed it was my left knee - the one on the right in the photo, then you guessed right !

It is deceiving because I maintain my full muscle leg strength by continuing to do single leg exercises at the fitness ctr. My left leg (w/ACL reconstruction) actually looks like the muscles are more developed than my good leg !  That may be true !
In this second photo showing my left leg, you can just make out the graft incision, but you have to look carefully. Not Bad !!
Depending on how light- skinned you are, that incision may be less or more notieable.