My Initial Pre-op & Recovery Exercises
These exercises are from a handout I received from my OS office. An assistant reviewed all the exercises I should do prior to surgery. Some of these were also the initial recovery exercises post-op. Later in my recovery, more advanced home program exercises were added.
I perfomed most of all of these exercises for the pre-operation period. For the post-operation initial recovery period, I mainly did exercise numbers - 4, 6, 7, 9.11.
I was also given a handout for aquatic exercises. This basically consisted of walking forward and backward in the pool for 10 minutes; leaning against the  side of pool and also leg raises. There were additional exercises but I only did the above ones and that was only a few times.. Recommend hold off on aquatic exercises in very early recovery period because leg muscles are extremely weak and safety is needed around and getting in and out of the pool. But aquatic exercises are definitely a benefit. Check with your OS before attempting.

Exercises 1- 3 are for stretching. All the rest are for strengthening - Unless otherwise indicated, 30 reps initially. Then 40 reps. Then 30 reps with 2# ankle weights, etc. 
1. Quadriceps - Gently pull heel to butt. Pull with hand or wrap a towel around ankle. Hold 15-20 secs; repeat 5 times.
2. Hamstrings - Use one leg for support, the injured leg stays straight. Wrap towel around foot and pull it towards you. Feel a pulling in the back of your leg. Do not bounce ! Hold for 15-20 secs; repeat 5 times.
3. Stand with support for yourself. Pull foot up towards butt with hand. Hold for 15-20 seconds.
4. Quads - With leg straight, tighten top thigh muscle by pushing knee into mat. Hold contraction for a count of 6.
5.Quads - Lay on back with towel roll under knee. Straighten your knee and then relax.
6. Hamstrings - Tighten bottom thigh muscle by digging heel into mat. Hold contraction for a count of 6.
7.Quads- Straight leg raises: Lift leg 8-10" off ground, keeping knee straight. Hold for a count of 6.
8.Hamstrings- Place pad under knees. Bend knee bringing heel toward butt.
9.Hip Abduction- Lying on side, with knee straight, lift leg approximately 6 inches and hold for a count of 6.
10.Quads - Sit on side of table with towel roll placed under knee. Lift the foot completely, straightening the knee. Hold 3 secs and lower leg slowly.
11.Hip Extension- On stomach with knee straight, lift leg as high as possible behind you.
12.Hamstrings- Lift foot up behind the body as far as possible.Hod 3 secs and lower slowly.